Thursday, April 08, 2010

OOPS! I forgot a title to this post!! --Join in with me?

I hope that some of my readers will join in and share with others about the Lil Daisies Spring Clean Carnival. I would love some company in my insane pursuit of a clean spring home! Please?

Plus, I would love for someone to win the fabulous prize at the end of the Carnival. Need a reminder of what you could win?

I think so.

* TWIST Bamboo Cloth - contains three 100% Biodegradable bamboo clothes. Dusts- Polishes, All household uses! Made from Bamboo and Corn.

* Microfiber cleaning towels - contains two sunny yellow clothes

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Wipes (Lavender Scent)

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar (Lemon Verbena Scent)

* 12 Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaner Recipe cards

* Lil Daisies Homemade Luxurious Linen scented Sachet

* Lil Daisies Wild Flower Mix for planting

* Lil Daisies "Daisy" flower mix for planting

* Meal Planning Pad (magnet)

* Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaning Apron (not shown in pic)

Is that enough to motivate you to clean at least one room in your house?

Remember you do not have to participate in every room to be entered into the challenge. Even if you clean just one room -- that gives you one entry into the prize. AND, it just may make you feel a little better to have at least one clean room done in your house...but, of course if you clean more than one room will have more entries into winning the fabulous prize!

You can join in anytime --- We are currently at WEEK TWO !

You can enter through Mr. Linky at the end of the weekly posts or leave a comment at the weekly posts as well. ---I hope you will join me!


  1. I have cleaned 3 rooms so far! But I haven't made my curtains yet... soon... I will. :)

  2. Cleaned the garage yesterday. It was full of stuff we took out of the baby's room. i organized it into a Donate Pile and then put the rest of the stuff on the shelves where it belongs. I also hosed off the patio in the back, cleaned the outdoor chairs, tables, etc. Bedrooms are cleaned, closets are cleaned, Kitchen is a nightly thing. Only thing left is the bathrooms.

  3. WOW! Good job ladies! You are a lot further than I am -- doesn't it feel great to have some rooms clean.

    I think we should throw a party at the end to celebrate!


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