About Me

I'm Bella, and I would like to welcome you to my blog, Lil Daisies. 

Lil Daisies was created in 2006 with hopes to journal the life happenings of my family -- because I am really slow at scrap booking and too much of a perfectionist when it comes to scrap booking, that I never would get it done or could ever catch up --- I would forget, plain and simple.

The blog has evolved from just a plain and simple journal to my thoughts, ideas, tips, meanderings, and so on...

I married the most handsome hollow legged man in the world!  Seriously, he can eat and not gain an ounce --where as I look at his food and gain 3lbs.   But, I love him to pieces.  I am blessed that we have been married for 13 years thus far...we celebrate honeymoons instead of anniversaries, because we are sappy like that.

As a result, our sappy love has produced  FOUR girls -- whom I call the Lil' Daisies!

Sophia - a caring and loving spirit.  A sweet compassionate girl.  She loves to read, sing, dance, write. She could have a future in film someday being a writer and director and choreographer.  Being the firstborn daughter, she knows how to be an overwhelming "Mama" to her younger sisters and direct them in home plays, imaginary play, school, house, dance routines.   But, her "bossy-ness" leadership qualities are over powered by her sweet love and compassion that she pours out onto her sisters and others.  She loves. She gives. She desires to please. She desires to serve and praise Jesus.

Lydia - a strong-willed, determined, fun-loving spirit.  She is an athlete. She learned to ride her bike at the turn of 4 years old without training wheels.  She is daring and adventurous. (In her life-time, I have called poision control 3x). From day one of her life - she took off.  She took off running. I can't keep up with her pace at times. (She walked @ 10 months).  In fact,  she skips where-ever she goes.  I love this about her. Why can't we skip all the time? To me it displays joy in her heart. She will call herself a "tom-boy"  but insists on wearing skirts & dresses.  She is a talented little artist. She sings so high (an on-pitch) that the birds come calling to her sweet melodies.  She loves to paint, draw (unfortunately, on everything). Her pictures mark my fridge with her creativity.  Her determined personality is counteracted with her sweet fun nature. She is FUN! I guess - like the skipping wherever she goes - she is just fun! She loves animals. LOVES animals.  Her sweet gentle nature towards animals is just touching. Sometimes I wonder how the temper-tantrum, screaming-because-I-didn't-get-my-way girl displays such love for her dog and animals.  She is truly gentle and loving.

Rosalia a sweet, funny spirit.  She is by far my cuddly girl.  She wants "uppy" a lot and loves to  just let me hold her and sing her to sleep.  We can cuddle and giggle for long moments of time.  My heart warms when she puts her chubby little hands on my face and puts her nose to mine and grins saying, "I love you Mama!"  She enjoys being in the kitchen helping. I think she has claimed the stool in the kitchen as hers...because she is up there a lot.  She likes to be the taste tester and super stir girl.  She is funny.   I never knew a little one could bring so much laughter to my day.  She is truly funny - but, sweet at the same time.  Sometimes it is very hard to discipline when cute little articulated words come out of her mouth.  She also loves to dance.  And, she is a beautiful dancer.  She twirls with grace and can also move the hips with precision and spunk.
Rosi, as most of us call her also loves art.  If she could paint or draw EVERY day, she would be happy.  I love that she is attempting to write her letters in her name.  However, she is growing way to fast....

Audria  a gentle spirit.  She has been, by far, my easy baby.  I would have 20 babies if all my babies were so good.  She hardly cries and breaks out the beautiful heart warming smiles constantly.  She is my baby and will always be "the baby!"   She is in LOVE with Dora the Explorer and singing songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" "Jesus Loves Me" .  She is currently in that Independent stage of wanting to do most everything "all by herself!!"  I love all of her little words that are still in that baby voice and are not quite pronounced correctly, but understandably very cute.  She likes to be "The Mama" ...and then I apparently take on the roll as baby.  And, oh does my heart melt when she grabs my hand as we pretend our rolls and says to me "Honey, you hungee?"   And those cheeks--- I can smoosh them with kisses ALL-THE-TIME!

Our family is full of adventure, drama, tule, dolls, tea-cups, nail polish, dance and song!

So, welcome to our little abode...

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