Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Cleaning Carnival Challenge

Spring has Sprung! It has been a long Winter for some of you in certain parts of the world. But, now that April is almost here...I am hoping that we can now begin to put some fresh Spring cheer into our homes!

My purpose for hosting this challenge is to motivate myself and those of you anticipating this series --knowing that it will provide motivation to do it together and have accountability from all of you to complete my much-needed deep cleaning.

Let's get started!

Each room you clean counts as one entry in the drawing for a fabulous prize. For example a bedroom and Master bedroom would be two entries.

Rooms must be cleaned between March 29th - May 3rd

Spring cleaning is defined by you - we'll operate on the honor system. We all have different ideas about what spring cleaning means, so I'll leave this pretty open.

How to share your results and enter to win a fabulous prize:

I will post on Mondays and you have until the following Monday to complete the task and comment or post about your progress.

Anytime during the week, if you are a blogger, post about your results on your own blog and then use the Mr. Linky to link to your post. Don’t forget to link to this post!

If you aren’t a blogger, post about your results in the comment section of the post on Mondays.
Note: Any comments that are left which include no e-mail address, blog link, name or way to contact you will be automatically deleted.

Please feel free to share the above button on your blog and link others who may want to participate over here for more fun!

Okay! Let's define the rooms we're going to clean and go ahead and schedule them on our calendar.

Here's the plan:

Week One: Kitchen
Week Two: Bathrooms
Week Three: Master Bedroom/ Bedroom
Week Four: Bedroom/Office
Week Five: Living Room/ Family Room
Week Six: Laundry Room/Car/Porch

Let’s take a look at what you have the chance to win.

* TWIST Bamboo Cloth - contains three 100% Biodegradable bamboo clothes. Dusts- Polishes, All household uses! Made from Bamboo and Corn.

* Microfiber cleaning towels - contains two sunny yellow clothes

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Surface Wipes (Lavender Scent)

* Mrs. Meyers Clean Day All Purpose Soap Bar (Lemon Verbena Scent)

* 12 Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaner Recipe cards

* Lil Daisies Homemade Luxurious Linen scented Sachet

* Lil Daisies Wild Flower Mix for planting

* Lil Daisies "Daisy" flower mix for planting

* Meal Planning Pad (magnet)

* Lil Daisies Homemade Cleaning Apron (not shown in pic)

Let's get our homes clean! (Remember you do not have to participate in every room to be entered into the challenge. Even if you clean just one room -- that gives you one entry into the prize. AND, it just may make you feel a little better to have at least one clean room done in your house.)

We start Monday March 29th -- so be ready to don your favorite apron and feather duster!


  1. yay! I have a question though... what if we do one room/task each DAY... and then repeat for the following weeks? cause seriously, that is pretty close to what I do... by the time I get to the weekend, what ever I cleaned on Monday needs to be cleaned again! LOL
    hmmm, maybe I'll do like cleaning out cupboards and under beds and things... yay, LET's Get READY to CLEAN!!!

  2. I´ll try to clean this week, cause here we have Easter hollidays, GRACIAS Bella for this funny idea... Tomorrow my first entry about "before and after cleaning ;-)" BICOS


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