Monday, April 05, 2010


How did we do? We made it through Week 1 -- and let me tell you it was a tough week here for Lil Daisies home. Not only was it Easter week filled with celebration activities, but plenty of school activities, science projects, and then having to clean the hardest part of the house (in my opinion) - the kitchen! But, I did it! And, it felt so good to see a beautiful sparkling clean kitchen. VERY rewarding!! (You can see my success in the Kitchen here!)

You can join anytime during Spring Clean Carnival! Just join in wherever we are at... If you want to read up on how we are going to do the Spring Clean Challenge go HERE!

I hope you will join me ~ I need the support and what better way than to get a little clean shine to your home by doing it together?

Let's get going!

THIS WEEK : I am focusing on the BATHROOMS!

* Sinks
* Toilets

* Tubs
* Mirrors
* Under cupboards
* Drawers -- clean & organize
* Floors
* Wash Shower curtains and area rugs

1 comment:

  1. tammy2:32 PM

    Bathrooms it IS! thanks for reminding me, I did want to clean the bathrooms today, but with all the goings on of spring break.. they almost got forgotten!


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