Family Fun Fridays

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Lil Daisies blog hosts --EVERY Friday -- an event/party called FAMILY FUN FRIDAYS!

I started Lil Daisies in 2006 as a way to share about our family with others and journal about the things we have been has grown into different venues of food, crafty-ness, Spirit driven thoughts, as the years have unfolded.

But, one thing I want to remain a focus on this blog is: Family

What is Family Fun Friday?

Spending fun, quality time with your family is more challenging everyday. I am sure like most of you -- the week is filled with plenty of activities: Soccer practice, dance lessons, AWANAS, piano lessons, homework, week errands, Bible Studies, office work...all seem to get in the way of a family enjoying each other's company. Our family can struggle with how to balance work, school, and activities...

However, I think it is important to create memories to last a lifetime for my children. We spend Friday night together as a family doing something fun, creative and different. It's a great way to unwind from the week and a fun way to bond as a family.

Lil Daisies hosts an event or party called Family Fun Fridays where we can share with one another tips, ideas, and adventures of spending time together as families. Each Friday there will be a link up for you to share your adventures with your family. This will be a great innovative way to see what other families are doing during their family time and be inspired.

So Let's Begin: How can you go about having your family time?

Schedule Regular Family Time
Grab your family calender and schedule in your family time. It could be once a month or once a week. The important thing is to schedule it and treat it like gold. I know if I don't schedule something, it goes by the wayside.

Plan It
Don't wait until the last minute to figure out what to do. Agree as a family ahead of time what you will do and then make your reservations, print your maps, organize your supplies, and fill your car with gas ahead of time.
Our family sat down and made of list of things we would like to do together. We also thought of themes to celebrate our special Family time.
Whether it's movie night, take-out night (think pizza or Chinese, for example), game night, or a family walk night, the key is that a night each week is designated for together time. Relax...and talk with each other! You might be surprised the things you learn from your kids on your special night.

Share It
Come back here on Fridays (or whenever you get to it) and share about your Family Fun time with the rest of us. I will have a MrLinky set up each Friday for you to put your link so that others can see what fun ideas you have done with your family. This will be a great way for us to get ideas from one another.

So schedule and plan your family time now. Your kids will thank you for those “little things” and their little lives will be blessed immensely with the time you have prepared for them.

Please share with your friends and family about this event.
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