Thursday, April 08, 2010


Lil Daisies seems to be growing in many ways -- Each girl seems to have grown just a little bit more these past few months! -- maybe it is prophetic with our blog too? I hope for Lil Daisies blog to grow too...

SOPHIA - has lost some teeth!

LYDIA - rides her bike without training wheels -- and 3 days after started to do "tricks" on her bike!

ROSALIA - has now moved from baby bed to toddler bed. She is a big girl now -- and LOVES her new bed. She even slept the entire night in her new bed!

They grow so fast don't they??? I have to remember sometimes to slow down and take note of these changes and watch how lovely my girls are becoming each day. Take time to soak in the wonders of growing children.

Enjoy a snippet of Lydia racing Papa on her bike!

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