Monday, March 29, 2010


Are you ready? Do you have out your favorite cleaning supplies -mop, rags, broom, dusting wand? Don your favorite apron and let's dive in!

You can join anytime during these next 5 weeks! Just join in wherever we are at... If you want to read up on how we are going to do the Spring Clean Challenge go HERE!

I hope you will join me ~ I need the support and what better way than to get a little clean shine to your home by doing it together?

Note: Some of you asked if you could do ALL the cleaning this week? Why YES...if you are industrious and have the time to do it all, by all means GO for it! I broke it down into smaller steps by doing one or two rooms over the next few weeks. I can only do just a little bit at a time to maintain the rest of my household!

Just remember that you get ONE entry for EACH room that you clean in your home!So, be sure to leave one comment for each room completed. There is a fantastic prize in the end! If you have a blog, it would be fun to see the before and after pictures too.
I will be doing this!

(I will post my pictures this week!) I am starting with the Kitchen mainly because it is one of the hardest rooms and I like to get it out of the way!

Here is my plan:

  • Wash the outside of cupboards, handles
  • Wipe down windowsill
  • Shine sink
  • clean off all counters
  • clean under the dish drain
  • microwave
  • clean out dishwasher drain plug
  • clean under kitchen sink cabinet
  • floors
  • outside of appliances (refigerator, oven, dishwasher)
  • oven - inside, and outside
  • wipe down small appliances (crockpot, vitamix, coffee maker, cuisinart food processor, etc.)

Remember your plan will be different from mine.vSpring cleaning is defined by you - we'll operate on the honor system. We all have different ideas about what spring cleaning means, so I'll leave this pretty open.

Okay, Let's go!


  1. Ok... The nesting and boredom kicked in. This last week I cleaned the baby's room and my daughter's room. (so is that 2 rooms)?
    Susan H.

  2. I so need this!

    My plan includes yours, but also make curtains (finally) for the sliding glass door, and window in the corner!

    I will also clean out the cupboards/pantry. :)

  3. What's funny is that I just discussed cleaned the dish washer trap with my best friend Thursday! Apparently there are many people that don't know about this part of the machine!! Thanks for the list!


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