Thursday, March 25, 2010

LOTS OF FUN is happening here! Join in!

How do you celebrate Easter with your children?

I have had several people ask me this question. And, I think it is an important question to reflect upon -- Let me share with you our journey of celebrating Easter in our own home......

You can finish reading about Celebrating Easter because Lil Daisies has a guest post today over at Creative2xMom! Go Check it out!


is up. Look below and find out all the details! I hope you will join with me! I NEED the support. Tell your friends and family!

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  1. tammy9:45 PM

    We celebrate Easter by going to "Pascha" which is the Orthodos Easter and is celebrated in the middle of the night, service starts at 11:30pm and ends at about 2:30am... followed by a "feast" although I CAN NOT figure out who actually enjoys "feasting" at 3am... NOT me.. I enjoy sleeping! :)
    Then the nest day, Easter, we have an easter egg hunt and easter baskets.... :)


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