Friday, March 26, 2010


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It has been a day thus far.....

I woke up with a horrible, excrutiating pain in my leg calf. My husband was so gracious to help me stretch through it. Ouch!
I finally was able to drift off to sleep for a few minutes before a bright eyed two year old Rosi threw her pillow and baby in my face and said, "I yant wa-er" (I want water). So, I give her a sip of my water by my bedside. She crawled up into my bed and I was hoping she would fall back asleep...but, oh no! Of course not!
Rosi decides that putting her finger up my nose, re-arranging my hair, squishing my cheeks, poking my eyes, and flicking my eyelashes, would be a more suitable game to play than the sleep game.
Sigh...Honestly, I was so tired and achy, that I really didn't care and sometimes I think I may have fallen asleep through it.
When my darling husband woke-up, Rosi was on her move and she got up with him. Phew! Some moments of peaceful sleep. Well....maybe.

I am hearing yells of the other girls questioning about this and bout that --
Where is the bread for toast? (In the freezer)
Is my friend Lexi coming today? (yes)
Can I have some Orange Juice? ( Ask your Dad) husband leaves to take Sophia to school -- but before they left I hear Sophia proclaiming:


So, I crawl out of bed to find Rosi in the kitchen with a butter knife putting homemade grape jelly on her frozen piece of bread and in her mouth. I am not sure what is on her face? I am in a daze and my leg still hurts. What happened to your face??

Well, it was NOT POOP! (Thank you Lord)
It was not grape jelly.

It was Momma's make-up! Ahhhh, Noooooo!
See, I just bought some new make-up. And, any girl knows that make-up is NOT cheap! It cost money and when you are on a budget and spent a little of the grocery money to satisfy a grumpy, frumpy, awkward at the moment, not-feeling-sexy, blah PREGNANT woman -- messing with her beautify-ing things ---is NOT OKAY.

Now, I haven't even gone pee yet. That is usually what I do when I get out of bed. I was so in-tuned to Holy-Guacamole- She's got Poop-on her face-- that I didn't even get to that point. I cleaned my precious make-up first, then I cleaned my precious two-year old's face with some ponds cold cream I had. And, guess what little fingers tried to help by dipping her fingers into a the jar pulling out a huge glob of cold cream?? Yeah, you know.

So, off to clean up jelly that spilled on the floor to discover that my four year old Lydia (still in nighttime pull-ups) sitting in the middle of the living room floor getting into four bags of clothes that were just given to us (I put them there to go through today -- but not until LATER today). I see that I have a helper to get it started?
Lydia was determined to try them ALL on...but, I had to gracefully (even though, I was steamed at this moment with a VERY full bladder) ask her to put them back into the bags and find some clothes already put in her closet.
Begrudgingly, she complied.

FINALLY, I was able to go use the water closet!

-- cook the frozen bread and magically make it toast! (Where as my children wanted --no demanded -- to eat it outside -- and after a few minutes of eating their toast out there on the pic-nic table, came back into the house with a zillion goosebumps and shivers and decided it was TOO cold to eat there. ( Do they listen to mom's advice?)

--Make some tea for ME!
And, as I sat with my warm cup of tea in my hands and ate a Reese's chocolate egg -- I looked around my house. Let out a HUGE sigh...because there surrounded me was a year's worth of work.

Laundry, Dishes, Dirty Floors, Games spewed everywhere, Children's dirty clothes sprung out onto the floor, toys, babies, books, bags of hand-me-down clothes, pretzels on the carpet, dirty dishes in the living room, and so on....

Can you guess what I am doing today?

Yeah, my job continues... I am going to grab another chocolate egg, don my apron, pull-up up my ragged hair, and begin the duties of home on the range.

"...Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, knowing [with all certainty] that it is from the Lord [and not from men] that you will receive the inheritance which is your [real] reward. [The One Whom] you are actually serving [is] the Lord Christ (the Messiah)..." - Colossians 3: 23-24


  1. I only have 1 and my home feels like it's been hit by a storm often! *sigh*

  2. tammy2:45 PM

    SO glad it wasn't poop!! :)


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