Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A daily process

So, as most of you know that I have been working through a process -- a DAILY, sometimes hourly process of getting myself to a state of better health... or maybe just being able to manage better the body I am currently given.   Either way,  I am on a journey.

I am making slow changes... but changes regardless.

I know for me... I can get those lies stuck in my head from the enemy that I am:
  • unworthy
  • will not be able to do this
  • always destined to be this way
  • incapable 
SO, I have to cast away those thoughts -- take captive those thoughts and put on the armor of God.  and claim the truth of God that I am:

  • precious in His sight (Isaiah 43:4)
  • through Him I can do all things (Phil. 4:13)
  • an overcomer! (Romans 8:37)
  •  victor in Christ Jesus. He has given me victory (1 Cor. 15:57)
It is a daily process.  But,  I have to PRESS ON and keep going.   And, I have to PRESS IN.... lean into the God who delivers.

So, how am I doing?

Well,  honestly I am doing "okay".    It is HARD.   I won't deny it.  There are some REALLY good days and there a lot of HARD days.  But,  I know that there is reward at the end of the journey and God is teaching me a lot through it.   I am thankful for those HARD days, because I know that it refines me and molds me... it helps me to lean in and trust the Creator God to be my Comforter when I am hurting.  He is my PEACE when the storm seems to chase high on my tail. He is my STRENGTH when I feel I have nothing left in me. 
If at all,  I am thankful that I know GOD who loves me deeply and cares about all the details of my days and moments.
I have had several doctors appointments over the last several weeks or more.  They have been encouraging.   But, also a realization of what I need to do to take care of me.  I feel like I am learning lots about health and what my body does or doesn't need.     I am still working all of that out.

I have not been the best at being disciplined in what I need to do.   I give myself grace and move forward.  I can' t dwell in my short comings, or else I become depressed and fall into those lies mentioned above and self pity and doubt.  Not good.

I am trying to go grain free.  legume free. mostly dairy free. soy free. And anything processed is a big no for me right now too.

My mom gave me a copy of this book.   And, I have enjoyed it so far.   I am still reading it and still sorting out what I am going to do as far as diet.   So please pray for wisdom and discernment. 
Find info here

I have to figure out what things to eat for myself and my body -- but, I also have to plan for my family, who eats for the most part differently (there are 2 vegetarians in my family).   So, there is a challenge in itself, but I am working through it and finding creativity.

So,  I am asking for prayer.  But, also I would love any sites or recipes that you love that might fit into my weird eating habits?

Think Paleo/Primal/SCD/Grain-free etc.    Also, I am good at adjusting recipes too.  So, if there is an ingredient I can't have in there,  I am sure I know of a substitute or alternative. 

Thanks friends!   I appreciate you.

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