Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Raise your glasses "To Good Health" Part Deux II

So, the health plan.

You are wondering -- what is the plan?  Right? 
I kind of left you hanging in my last post.... a cliffhanger ending.  Well, almost.  Ha ha ha.

The plan:

I need a plan.  If I don't have a written out plan.  I fail. I struggle. I cheat. I am scattered and don't make the best choices.  So, I NEED a plan.

It has been many years of putting different types of foods into my body, that I know what works and what doesn't work.  And, I admit I am always learning new things about my body as well as understanding that some foods I ate awhile ago don't work now, and some foods I avoided do work now.  It's a tossed salad.

I read this verse lately -- and was encouraged by it. 

Isaiah 55:2
"...eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare."

I am being reminded that my hunger and thirst are first satisfied from the Lord.  That is to say, I need to find my strength and nourishment from HIM first to help me through eating the best things for my body.

And, it also applies (at least to me it does)  that if I eat food that is good for me, I will feel better and will be able to delight in the good food that God provides for me and serve HIM better.  I can not only feel better, but have more energy and clear mind to be with my family and do more things with them.  Enjoy them!

So.... The eating plan:


1.  Grains/Gluten -- rice, barley, wheat, corn, oats, rye, etc.
2.  Soy
3.  Limited Dairy
4. Legumes -- seems beans don't like my tummy
5. Refined sugars


1.  Lean meats
2. Veggies & Fruits
3. Seeds & Nuts - including Quinoa
4.  Natural sweetners -  honey, maple syrup, etc.
5. Limited Dairy - I can have goats milk, cheese, greek yogurt

There you have it!  For the next 60 days I am challenging myself to follow those as my guidelines.
I make my menu around those.   Here is the kicker, though.    I have 2 vegetarians in my household (one of them being my husband).  So, I have to really be creative in menu planning - because I don't want to make completely two separate meals every day at dinner time.   That is a challenge as well.

Here are a few dinner menu items on my plan:

Tacos --
Family - Corn tortillas, Beans, Shredded Cheese
Me - Ground Beef, or Shredded Pork,  Or Fish Tacos (all of my family will eat these)
All of us --  Avocado or Guac, Greek Yogurt, lettuce or cabbage, lime, cilantro

Curry --
All of us -- potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, onion, mushroom in coconut yellow curry sauce
Me --  Add Chicken

Pasta (Spaghetti) --
Family -- Brown Rice Pasta Noodles,  Marinara Sauce
Me -- Zucchini Noodles, Marinara or Meat Sauce

Okay.  That is all you get for now.   I will maybe share some websites next time that I find very valuable. And if you suggestions --  please share!

I do appreciate your support and prayers.   I will be honest,  it is hard for me to be disciplined and diligent.  I think that is why I choose to blog and facebook about it.  I need that accountability.

To better health!  "Cheers"

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