Monday, March 03, 2014

Raise your glasses "To Good Health"

I am beginning a new season for my health - or maybe just another step on a path towards health.
I know it is time  and I know the path will not be an easy one.  I think that is why sometimes I am fearful to take that first step. 

Just a little bit of a background about me and my health. And, I am skipping a lot of details. Your welcome.

I have always struggled with my weight growing up .. particularly after puberty hit (Junior High and High School - ya know those important years where everything around you is drama).  I have never been extremely overweight or obese...  but, I have not been thin and slim either.  I 've got chub.
And, with extra padding, it does make it hard emotionally and mentally.  You know those thoughts and voices in my head telling me that I am not pretty or attractive or fit.  And, well I was not fit.  But, then the voices of  ugliness, I know were lies.  But, really sometimes it is hard to break free of that. Honestly.

College came and so did the freshman fifteen!  Of course, I met a man who loved me...and said, "You are beautiful" .  We dated four years.  Graduated together.  He loved me unconditionally and we married.  Now, this man.... bless his heart.... got thrown into the first year of our marriage to a women who became terribly ill.  I became so ill I became hospitalized.  And,  yet this man stood by me. I guess he really meant it when said the vows "In sickness and health". (Ya, a keeper!)  It was a VERY mentally and emotionally difficult time for me...

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease.    What? What is that?   My first year of marriage.  Sick. Ill. Depressed.  And, now another added into our marriage for the rest of our lives.

I was put on high doses of steroids and other medications.  I became very depressed, puffy face, gained even MORE weight and was miserable. 

Someone -- I don't remember who.   I wish I did remember who, because I would thank them from the deep trenches of my heart.  This "Someone"  gave information to me about a doctor locally who was a chiropractor, homeopathic, certified nutritionist.  

He was  a life saving gift.    I slowly went off medication.  I was healed with foods, supplements, herbals, chiropractic.   It took almost a year to become symptom free.... there was damage that took time to heal. 

For the next 10 years, I  was not on any medications.   I had 3 babies -- and felt WONDERFUL during my pregnancies.  But, then I also started eating bad, stop taking herbals .... those french fries, coke, and hamburgers, etc.  were becoming way too often my bad habit.

I had another flare-up.  And, had to be back on medications to help lighten the inflamation.  Thankfully, I had a great gastronologist this time and I was able to slowly get of the medications once again. I became pregnant with my last baby.... and again felt WONDERFUL.

But, since my last babe was born in 2011.... I have gone up in my weight and not always eaten the best.... and have battled with my weight up and down -- attempting all kinds of "diets.
   I did go to a Doctor and had blood work done and had very low levels of iron, B12, and others.  I am sure my adrenal glands were messed up.    I started taking supplements and still do today. (If I remember to take them!!)

It wasn't until 2012 that I realized about gluten.   And, even until August of 2013 I struggled with giving up foods with gluten off and on.   And, to truly have the benefits of going off  gluten.. you have to really GO off gluten.  In August 2013, my hubby was introduced by one of his clients to go off of grains altogether.    We took on the challenge for me to do this for 31 days.   I did it.

And, I felt VERY good.  It was one of the times I have felt my best.  But, then school starts and stress comes back in and I go back into bad habits.   I gain more weight.  And, I start feeling horrible.

So, now it is today.   March 2014.

I begin today on better health.  I have a plan. And, praying God will be my strength to endure.


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