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(Okay, I know that this concept I am about to share is most likely --someone's GENIUS concept that has been around for awhile--- but, I like it --and I am using it in my own way -- and this is how! -- )

As I have been re-evaluating, re-vamping,  re-vising -- re, re, re.... my meal plan (for the umpteenth time) - I was thinking about finding 5 "GO-TO" meals that our family enjoys and sticking them on the fridge where I can see it-- (Now, this is usually in addition to or along with my regular meal plan, that I am always re-re-revising.)

What do I mean by this "GO-TO meal"?

Define "GO-TO MEAL" --  a healthy and satisfying meal that consists of easy, on-hand food items that came make a complete meal in a quick amount of time without a lot of preparation involved. (Especially for those days when my schedule meal for that day is just not workin)

Why have these "GO-TO" meals?

Answer -  what I have discovered  when meal planning and trying to save a little bit of money in the bank account, is to have ingredients for these type of meals for days that you find yourself without much time, in a rut, and in need of something simple and easy to make -- yet nourishing, healthy, and satisfying too!

Because all too often, I find myself in a rush and then opt for the unhealthy version of a "meal" and pull into a drive through death trap restaurant or whip up a box of mac-n-cheese and hotdogs.  Uh, yeah.... not a great life style to obtain or by any means healthy.  Sometimes those kind of days happen and I am not going to beat myself up for it -- but,  I don't want it to become a bad habit.  Trust me, I have had this bad habit.

Soo, to save money  and work on correcting these bad habits -- I am being a better steward of our money, time, and health - by creating these "GO-TO" meals for my family. This was an idea I thought of to help me with this area. (Now, I am not the "creator" of Go-To meals -- there are a lot of people that use them and have them, it was just an idea I came up with to help me)

I am placing them on the fridge - so, that I can visually see it, and not have to rack my brain as to what to make that night in a rush.  I can go to the list, pick a meal and make it.    Now, the trick in my meal planning and grocery shopping is to make sure that I have all those ingredients on hand -- if I use it up that week, I put them on my grocery list for shopping next week.

I may not use any of the "GO-TO" meals that week.  But, the ingredients are there when I need it.

Here are a few of the "GO-TO" meals for our family.

VEG GREEK CHILI --  1-2 cans each of Garbanzo bean, artichoke hearts, sliced black olive, diced tomatoes -- italian seasonings.  Put it all in pot or crock and cook until heated through and seasonings marinated. Serve with bisquits or bread.

PANCAKES --  Who doesn't love Breakfast for Dinner? Gluten Free homemade mix or store bought mix with added extras if I have it ( fresh fruit or frozen fruit,  nuts, choc. chips, etc.)

BRC Chimichangas.  (Bean Rice Cheese ) -  Tortillas, cheese, rice and refried beans or pinto, salsa.  I cook rice in my rice cooker ( I usually always have rice) then put the cheese, rice, and beans in tortilla (if I happen to have cilantro or green scallion around, I will add that in).... then I put a little butter on top and bake them in the oven at about 375 for 20 minutes.  (I serve myself a gluten free version -- Burrito Bowl!!  All the stuff without the tortilla -- placed into a bowl)

PASTA - Any type of Gluten Free pasta - SAUCE:  olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes or lemon pepper.

 CEREAL --  Okay,  I just wanted to throw that in... ya know. ... there are some days when all I can muster up to do is Cereal.   Unfortunatley, my kids are NOT big fans of Cereal and rarely does this happen.  They would rather find some bread, toast. bagels.     Ha ha ha.  SO, that is probably not really one of my "GO-TO" Meals. 

Those are just a few.   Do you have any GO-TO meals that your family enjoys?   I always love simple, healthy meals. 

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