Thursday, January 23, 2014

Things you will never hear me say

 “I love exercising. Honestly, I can’t exercise enough.”

“These jeans make my booty look WAY too small.”

“I wish my daughter would talk more. and screech more. and have more tantrums. Especially in the car and in the middle of the store.”

“My house is too clean. It is lacking that lived-in feel.”

“I have an even better idea…Let’s get two dogs… and some cats! Heck, let’s move to a farm.” (Okay, I might say this...)

“I love doing messy crafts with my children indoors. It doesn’t bother me AT ALL when they splash paint, glue or glitter all over the house. They are just expressing themselves.”

 "All the shorts that they are selling now in the stores are WAY too long."

 “I am completely caught up on laundry.”

Feel free to add your own in the comments.... what will you never say? 

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