Sunday, July 08, 2012

One Project At A Time:

Oh, that big complicated word.  It seems to be all the rage these days.   To be organized in all facets of your life.   I so desire it.  I admit it.   I struggle with it.  I go round and round with it.   I think that becoming a mother has brought me into a deeper appreciation and love for simplicity and organization. 
So... here I am in the midst of Simplifying my home.

I have been working on one project or area in my home.  I find that doing a little bit at a time, makes me feel a sense of satisfaction that I accomplished "something" -- even if it is only a little bit.    My main goal is to have gone through my entire house by Sept. 1st decluttering and "organizing" every cranny.  Yes, it is a daunting and big goal, but I am determined just to continue as much as I can and not become frustrated with myself.  The goal of September 1st is for the main reason our local church has a missions yard sale and I want to give all our giveaway "stuff" to them.  I am not sure that I will reach my goal, but I am pressing ON!

I have been reading through the book Organized Simplicity.  
Organized Simplicity: The Clutter-Free Approach to Intentional Living
And, I have really loved the concept of what she has written.  It is important to have an attitude of thankfulness as I go through this process and not get caught up in having a "perfect" home, but rather a peaceful home environment that works for us -- a place that envelops less stress, less clean-up, less stuff - more peace, more time in relationships and fun.

" Creating a more peaceful living space doesn't happen overnight, nor does this tranquility remain forever unchanged once you've arrived at uncluttered nirvana.  A peaceful home requires a change of attitude, a habit of regular maintenance, and a lifelong commitment to place higher priority on relationships and events than on things." ~ Organized Simplicity

Keeping in my mind as I walk through this journey-  ONE STEP AT A TIME.

I am focusing on one or two area(s) or room per week - depending on the size.
Here is my list.

Feel free to join me if you so feel challenged. Make your own list or follow along with mine.  I may have to adjust, but at least I have an outline or list to start.

1. Laundry Room
2. Linen Closet/Coat & Game Closet
3. Fridge/Pantry/Freezer
4. Bathrooms
5.Living/ Family Room
5. Kitchen Cabinets
6.Office - Craft/Sew Room
7. Master Bedroom
8. Guest Room
9. Girls Room

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  1. I need to join you. I need to get the clutter out and get more organization in my house. I am reading that book too.


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