Friday, July 13, 2012

One Project At A Time: Laundry Room

This week I overhauled my laundry room. I have a "pass through" type laundry room,which means the door from the garage is on one side and the other door leads into the house.  It is narrow and small - but, functionally built with cabinets for storage. 
I would love to have a big laundry where I could hang clothes, fold clothes, etc. But, I am content with what I have and I managed it the best way possible for us right now. 
Let me show you what I did.

Before -  Cabinets mostly disorganized and random laundry baskets up top.

 A nice pile of stuff on the dryer.  Yikes!

 And more pictures of stuff everywhere - utility sink, etc. 

 So?  What did I do with my mess?   Well,  I first cleared all the stuff off of the washer and dryer and stuck in a pile in the hallway.  I proceeded to do the same with each cabinet.   As I went through each cabinet, I put what I no longer needed in a bag of throw away or a box of give away. 

I wiped out each cabinet and then put back supplies I wanted to keep with appropriate labels.   After the cabinets were done,  I cleaned behind the dryer and washer.  BLECK!  Amazing what fire hazard stuff you will find back there.  I think I will make that a yearly cleaning job.   It was bad.

I wiped off the top & inside of the washer and dryer.   Cleaned out Utility sink, swept floors, and put back things where they belonged.

 I added a can of some dried lavender and some fake pretty purple flowers to "freshen" up the space and make it a little "homey". 
 My first cabinet -- houses candles and candle holders.

 My second cabinet is housing some medications, vitamins and also some laundry supplies.
 The third cabinet houses some of the tissue, vaccuum bags, "poisionous" products (I only have a few up there).  Baskets of facial tissues and some random items and the other basket of plug-ins, etc.  And, then my daily cleaning prodcuts below on the bottom shelf.
 On top of the cabinets: I took down the silly frames for laundry baskets -- I wasn't even sure where the bags were to those and WHY?  I was saving them.  Out they went.
I put three wicker baskets up top with labels on each.
 1. Gloves & Scarves  2. Seasonal Hats.  3.  Yet to be named!
 On the far right wall I have hooks that I hang some of my mops, grabber, brooms etc.  As well as our swimming bag.

 I tried to label as much as I could and organize "likes" of things into bins.  Here is my ironing supplies and laundry sprays.   I think the labeling will also come in handy more and more as I teach my girls how to do laundry or different tasks.  They will know where stuff  belongs, helping them become better organized too.

 It feels so nice to have a cleaner, more organized laundry room.  As, I am getting my new laundry system under way (hope to share that soon), it will be nice to have a better flowing laundry experience. :) 

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