Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer is here....

Summer is here and we have been busy, busy, busy.

We also have a short Summer vacation this year and seems that we squeeze everything we can in -- swimming, camping, VBS, Christian Camp for girls, sleepovers,  playdates with friends, more swimming, more camping... and so on...

I do love Summer and I do love having my girls home.  It is nice to stay up late and sleep in a little bit.  I still haven't quite got Audria trained yet.  Though, one day she did sleep in until about 10am and I awoke her up.   But, for the most part she wakes about 8:00am, which is sleeping in for her.

The weather has been remarkably beautiful -- not too many hot days thus far.  Though, I am thinking maybe in August it just might start being HOT again..... maybe that will be a good time to hit the coast.

I love the ocean.  And, I have made it a priority this Summer for my toes to find the sand and salty waters!

We have most of our garden in as well -- and so far our thumbs are turning to be green and not brown.  We planted a little bit later than usual, however the weather has also been a little unusual as well.   We have got lots of tomatoes, peppers, beans, eggplant, carrots, chard, basil, arugula, lettuces, beets, and more!!   I am still wanting to plant some you think it is too late??

I am wanting to have a year around garden -- just have to find out what grows best in what season.

Update on my health -- I am still trying to take it easy and also to try and eat as health as I can.  Unfortunately, (and honestly) I am not always good about eating the right things.  I LOVE to eat...and I LOVE to eat the not so healthy carbs, sugar, salt foods.  Ugh.     But, I am really trying to change my ways of eating more and more towards a healthy diet.   I think I will share more on that later.

As of now,  my goals --- exercise ( I am not one to like exercise - so prayers appreciated!!!)  and also healthy eating.

I thought I would share some pics with you of our happenings in the month of June!! Hope you are all doing well and blessed.

Audria and her buddy Mallie

She has caputred Summer sunshine!  Love her! 

My Jazz girl, ballerina, and acrobatic! 

Grandma and Rosi swimming at Lydia birthday party

The lifeguard letting Lydia blow the whistle and announce the plans for the party.

My sweet birthday girl!  Lydia turned 7 years old and had a pool party with zumba!

Father's Day/ Poppi birthday.  The girls and their Poppie --we surprised him with a visit on his birthday which was also Father's Day.

Sophi 's present to her sister Lydia was a dance and Happy Birthday song.  Lydia's facial expression was hilarious.

Sophi dance for Lydia.

Sweet little ballerina.

Lydia's birthday cake. We decorated it together.

Zumba dance at her birthday party.  They loved it!

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  1. SusieMimi7:07 PM

    Summer can be busy, but a relaxing, fun busy. Our weather up North has had a few days of summer, but still very cool. Love the rain we are having but I'm ready for the 'kinda' hot summer. Hopefully it will warm up more for the girls when they come to camp. Still wearing a light jacket during the day. Come on summer weather...


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