Friday, July 20, 2012

One Project At A Time: The Linen

It might seem strange to most, but I just think the word "linen" is so  sophisticated. It just reminds me of the fresh clean scent of sheets and towels that are soft and luxurious. I think of stepping into a high end hotel room with all the clean beautiful ammenities. I know, it might be a tad strange - but, don't you think that some words just hold a certain smell, memory, thought, or reference when you speak it?  Well, I do.  And, I think that the word "Linen" is much more refreshing to say then my plain old sheets and towels.

So... back to the MAIN point of this post. (Thank you for obliging me to spin off on a luxurious word)

My Linen.

I thought I would share with you my next little phase of "Simplifying our Home".  I worked on the linen closet.  We have two of these in our home.  One in the main hallway and one in the master suite -- which currently the girls use as their bathroom (I can share why that is later, if you are so interested).

I will just be showing you the main one in the hallway today. What I didn't do for you was take before pictures. Sorry. But, you can trust me that is was previously a big mess.  First, I did an overhaul  with ALL my medications, lotions, toiletries, first aid..etc.  and put it out onto the table.

  I had a huge day of sorting, purging old stuff, and then putting like items together.  I bought some new bins to hold the items and then labeled each box according to category:  Kids medicines,  Pain meds, Cold & Flu,  first aid, soaps, lotions, hands, feet, etc.  I located them to the top two shelves in our closet (on one side).

In regards to the linen closet -  I took everything out and sorted what I could give away, what could be used as rags, and what could just be thrown away.   I simplified a lot.  Each bed has 2 sets of sheets, that way a clean one goes on while the other is washing.  I recently got some new towels for Christmas, so I got rid of those old towels we had since we got married in 1999.  It is nice to have something new and fresh.  The towels in this closet are for adults and guests.  The girls have their own towels in their bathroom. I will show you that later.

Here is the first side of the linen closet = done up all perty like. 
Towels are below the labeled boxes as well as some afgans.

 On the other side of the closet:
Top Shelf - I have a bin of doiles, a comforter,
4th Shelf - napkins with napkin ring box, table clothes
3rd Shelf - Guest bedroom sheets, basket with guest related items, linen sprays, etc.
2nd Shelf - Master bedroom linens
1st Shelf - Girls linens
Bottom (floor) - blankets

TIP: One of the tricks that I do with my sheets is to fold them and then put them in the matching pillow case. This allows for the sheets to be all together and not have to search and find loose sheets, cases.  I think it makes it look a little neater and clean kept as well.

How do you organize your luxurious linens?


  1. Hi Laura! Really, you are an inspiration to me! It's fantastic how you do the daily work, something nice and simple to do.
    I hope you have a great summer with your family. We continue to hear you very often in our house, always a moment of peace and harmony when we put your CD. And of course I keep reading your blog which is delicious. BICOS

  2. Anonymous9:12 AM

    The linen closet is one place I haven't organized yet ... thanks for the reminder!

    I'm going on a USA Book Tour, for my book, "Total Home Makeover: A 20 Day Plan to Renew Your Space & Spirit". I'd like your blog to be featured for your state.
    Email me at, if you want the inside scoop. :-)

    Happy Organizing!

    Renee Metzler


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