Thursday, May 24, 2012

He is plotting the course...

Lately, I have been wrapping my mind around the thoughts of this question:

"God what do you desire of me and the journey of my life?"

I struggle with thoughts of comparing - lust of others.  Not in a sexual way - but, more of a lust in the direction of their lives. Their adorable, nicely dressed and well-behaved children.  Their home business that is creative and crafty.  Their award winning blogs or popular talents of music on display for many to see, that they are missionaries in a land where they are such amazing Godly people, books they write, songs they compose, hair and faces that are pretty,  bodies that are beautifully thin and fit,  they ran marathons, they are active in charity, they have adorable decorated homes, ... blah, blah, blah.

How easily it can be to compare what I don't have or what I do have and not want to those around me, friends or even non-friends.

I don't always do this - but, it can be an easy trail for my thoughts to wander down.

The struggle is not with just comparing to others -- but, also the struggle for me lies in really knowing what God desires for me -- here and now as well as in the future.   I have ideas of what I would like to become or do... but, then again I have to be thankful for NOW.... for where God has placed me now. 

I find that the healing comes in the Thanksgiving.

Be thankful to God for all that he provides and all tha the gives -- even in the hard parts of life. 

To be thankful for WHO I am.... WHO I will become.... WHERE I am.... WHERE I will go...

being satisfied in the WHY -- because God is the WHY to everything I do, all that I  am....

Recently, I read this quote from John Piper and it just puts things into perspective for me.
I walk through really hard times - but, know that God walks them WITH me.

“Life is not a straight line leading from one blessing to the next and then finally to heaven. Life is a winding and troubled road. Switchback after switchback. And the point of biblical stories like Joseph and Job and Esther and Ruth is to help us feel in our bones (not just know in our heads) that God is for us in all these strange turns. God is not just showing up after the trouble and cleaning it up. He is plotting the course and managing the troubles with far-reaching purposes for our good and for the glory of Jesus Christ.”
~John Piper, A Sweet and Bitter Providence: Sex, Race, and the Sovereignty of God~

A verse I am holding close to lately --  Jeremiah 29:11   - I know the plans he has for me, to give me a hope and future (my paraphrase)

He is with  me in all turns and twists of life --  through all mountains and valleys -- though every direction or circumstance that I face in this journey of life.

 So, how to answer that question:  "God what do you desire of me and the journey of my life?"
 And also not to go on to the trail of "comparing"  - I am reminded of God's advice in Romans 8:5

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the Spirit set their minds on the things of the Spirit.

Keeping my mind on the things of the Spirit.    Building that relationship with HIM deeper and deeper daily - and also being thankful for the gifts HE has given me. 

It is a journey I walk every day - holding on to HIS hand through all things.

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  1. Excellent words. Thank you for posting. You give me much to ponder. I love you and always hold you up in prayer to our Lord.


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