Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rosi says --

I just love some of the things that ROSI says -- a four year old that just speaks aloud whatever her mind is stirring around....  she is such a funny girl.  Oh, how she makes my heart smile.
I wanted to share just a few of her latest insights.  I wish that I would remember to write more of them down right after they happen, there are so many moments.

Rosi  - Momma, I want to wash my hands in the kitchen sink.  okay?

Momma - Okay, honey that is fine.

Rosi  - Um, I need soap.

Momma - Well, honey the soap is in the bathroom. 

Rosi - What?  Sophie is home? (her sister who is currently at school)

Momma - Uh?  No, the SOAP is in the bathroom. 

Rosi  Ohhhh, ha ha ha.  Well, I don't need soap.  But, is Sophie home? 

(oh dear - hearing has gone down the drain)


Passing by a lot full of RV/Campers....

Rosi - MOM!!!  There are a whole bunch of Hannah Montana buses.

(The brand of the RV - "Montana")

Can we get one?  I want a Hannah Montana bus!! That is sooo cool and they have so many of them too. 


Rosi - Momma, wouldn't you like to just sit right here next to me and cuddle?  Because, really Mom, seriously, I am so squishy and warm.  Oh, and can we have chips too?  

(for those that don't know Rosi -- she is a CHIP CRAZY girl!!  That girl wants to eat chips for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, snack, elevensies if she were a hobbit!)


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