Wednesday, March 21, 2012

REPRISE -- His Banner Over You is Love, Lydia sings.

For those of you who have children - you understand how VERY quickly they grow up.....  Sometimes it is good to be reminded of when they were a bit younger and capturing those memorable moments, not only in our heart and mind, but also on video.  This is precious to the soul to watch at a later time.

My mother-in-love came across this video several  months ago, that I had posted of my daughter Lydia on my blog back in 2008 -- and now, I came across it as well just today.   Oh, my heart needed to see that.

You see, I have been struggling  as a parent with this particular child in many areas.  She has been one of my beauties that has challenged and stretched me in so many ways as a parent.  She has a strong willed head on her shoulders --determined and strong,  she knows in her mind what SHE wants to do, when SHE wants to do it.  I am sure that this will be a great strength of hers when she is older. 

Honestly, many times I just cry to God for wisdom in how to "deal" with her ....  it is hard sometimes.  But, God in His Mercy has guided me through many struggles and conflicts.


I have to tell you that the girl is also, one of the most loving, creative, funny, beautifully talented girls, I have ever been blessed to call daughter.  She is one of a kind.  And, I love her.

Remembering the positive traits in our children can be hard sometimes especially when our eyes are focused on the negative, outward actions they generate towards us. Their hearts are sinful - and we are to guide them through these sins as Christ would to us.  How often do I cringe, yell, and in frustration, say things to my children that are not meaningful or strengthening for growth.     I am working on this as a Momma -- speaking words of life.

And today -  God reminded me again -- of the sweet blessing of my Lydia.   Thank you God for your hand upon her life and heart.  Please keep reminding me of these moments in the midst of the tiring, stressful times. And Lord may I never stop singing praises over her and praying endlessly for her heart and soul.

Let her (Lydia) sing for you today. Remember Jesus Loves You and His Banner of You is Love!

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