Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mission: House to Home

The last few months it has been a time of home management....  simplifying schedules, cleaning out closets,  decluttering the "stuff" in our home (and oy vey, do we have A LOT, too much!).

Our family recently attended our good friend's open house and near the end of the time there, my darling husband asked me "How can we get our home to be like this?"    What he was referring to was a feeling of simplicity, warm, inviting, cozy, but not cluttered.   Well, grant it that our friends had just moved and most of the boxes were in the garage. And, I do forget that my friend did a great job at getting rid of a lot of "extra" things before the move.  Her house is beautiful and warm and inviting.... exactly what I desire our home to become.

A little clarification --(to those that need it)
Now, I am not trying to display any notions of jealousy or lack of contentment with the things we have -- that is not the case here (just putting that out there for some that may have read it with those intentions). I am so proud of my friend for her efforts toward making her house a home.  And, I think it is perfectly okay for us to notice those outward things produced by hands of hard work and hearts that are intentional ---and be encouraged or rather motivated to do something about our own homes.

I hoped that I made that clear... because after rereading it several times and rewriting it several times, I just don't know how else to say it.  But, my desire is to make our house a home..... a home that will be inviting and warm to others as they enter in.... I want them to feel comfortable, and refreshed....blessed by a clean, warm home and experience  fellowship amongst my family.   God's presence would be filled within the walls of our home....and that HIS light would be evident to all.

Back to my original thoughts -
I agreed with my husband and ideas started brewing in my mind -- and I was now even more excited that he was on board with desiring a clean warm home, but more importantly taking an active role in making our house more of a "home"!

So my first "step" into mission "House to Home" -

Step One:  Declutter
I am going through closets, pantry, rooms, all areas of the house and garage and sorting. This process might take the longest, but little bits at a time make for a bigger difference.

  1.  I take a small section at a time-- as to not feel completely overwhelmed.  If I can fill one box a day with items for our Spring yardsale, than I accomplished my goal for that day. 
  2.  3 box sort. 
    1. The Yard Sale Box - all items that can go the yard sale go here.
    2. The Throw Away - all items that just need to be thrown away.
    3. Keep Box - all items that can be placed back into the space, and be organized in the future to have its own home.  
  3. LESS -- I have to be aggressive and brutal -- just do it.... I have many times gone through things and thought to myself that I could maybe "use it later" and then I cant find it when I need it or forgotten that I even had it and bought another one.  Now, I have 3 of the same thing!!!!  Have you ever done that?

Okay, I will stop for now.... I will try to keep you updated on our progress.  For now, I am off to declutter under the bathroom sink!

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  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Yay--you go girl! Great job staying focused and dedicated!

    You are absolutely right--we have such an important role as mamas and wives, because we set the "tone" for our home. All the efforts of your hands and the sacrifice of your time will continue to bless your household. What a priviledge and responsibility!

    Nice job!



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