Sunday, August 07, 2011

Little Warriors

Rosi and her best buddy - share a day of "dress-up"!    I find it rather amusing that even though they are playing "dress-up" together - there is in fact a difference in how they play it.

Girls tend to treat role playing as "dress-up" or "princess". They dance around with their dresses and attire with thought of feeling glamorous.  Whereas boys tend to treat role playing as "Super Heros".  They shoot people, make loud noises with their ferocious powers with the thought of getting those bad guys.

So today - Rosi and her buddy are role playing.  But, they are mixing the two typical stereo types together.  They are both playing "dress-up"  -- but, this dress-up role playing is of warriors (Rosi a beautiful princess warrior). They have their capes, their guns,  and of course their cellphones.  What warrior goes anywhere without a cellphone?

I love to watch these two play.

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