Friday, August 12, 2011

Carversations: Is God coming today?

Another special moment with Rosi today - our CARversation:

ROSI:  Is God coming today?

MAMA: I don't know.

ROSI:  Well,  God came to our house yesterday morning.  I hope he comes today too. 

MAMA: God is always with you, Rosi

ROSI: Yeah, if he comes. I am going to get a washcloth for him, so he can wipe his blood.  A washcloth fwom your bathwoom, Momma. 

MAMA: Aww,  that is so nice Rosi.

ROSI: Yeah, and he can sit next to me while I eat my wunch.  But, I hafta make sure I don't squueash him, because he could bleed again.

MAMA: Uh, okay.

ROSI:  You can sit with us too.    Did you know that Jesus rides in boats?  He wears white.

MAMA: Yes,  Jesus walked on water too. 

ROSI:  Yeah,  dats amazing, huh Mama?

MAMA: Yes, it is darling.  You are learning lots about Jesus.

ROSI:  Yep.  (thinking mode)

ROSI:  I want to invite Jesus to my bwirthday?  K, mama?

MAMA: Okay Rosi. 

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