Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Kids say the darndest things!   Somedays I am amazed at the "randomness" that takes place in our van.  Things that must be strewing through their little brains....

I would say "Golly, it would be nice to be inside their heads knowing what they are thinking"  BUT, reality is that they SAY what they are thinking almost 99% of the time! :)  I don't have to crawl in to know ....I can just sit back behind the wheel in my van and listen to those thoughts spewing from their little mouths.

Here are Rosi's thoughts today....

ROSI:   MOOOM! There is a spider up my nose!

ME: Uhhh...

ROSI:  MOM! There is a spider up my nose! (more empathetic this time around- because Mom wasn't quite responding correctly the first announcement)

ME:  Well, Rosi how did that Spider get there?

ROSI:  It climbed the tiny little stairs. (giggle)

ME:   Climbed tiny little stairs into your nose.

ROSI:   Yep and a Squito (mosquito) too!

ME:  Really? Well, why is the spider up your nose?

ROSI:  He is cutting my tounge.

ME:  Oh, ouch.

ROSI:  Iz Otay... He's nice spider.

ME:  Oh, phew.  I was worried Rosi.

ROSI: (Giggle)


  1. I love that! Car-versations... great word! :-D

  2. Susie Mimi2:04 PM

    Love her thinking. She's such a tease. I can see her giggling too. Sure love my little Rosi!


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