Thursday, March 03, 2011

Such is life ---

How is it that when I step away from the room for only a minute that this happens?

Mallie - the dog - is chewing on Audria's LAST "Nuk, nuk" (what we call pacifier).

Rosi - the three year old - is drawing all over Audria's head with pink fruity chapstick. Apparently, applying "make-up to be pwerty"

Audria - the baby - is jumping up & down in her "jumper" fussing because she just had shots yesterday....fussing and still jumping.

Well...I would be fussing too if the dog chewed up my favorite pacifier and my sister was drawing all over my face and head with chapstick...

Oh, such is life in the Lil Daisies home.

The culprits

The victim

Note: Found pink gooey chapstick in Rosi's own hair AND on Mallie too! Silly girl!


  1. Oh, poor Audria! Can Grandma bring her a new "nuk nuk" tomorrow? Send me details if you would like me to stop and get one on my there tomorrow.

  2. Anonymous1:48 PM

    sorry, I just have to laugh at the pictures! LOL Mallie looks SOOOOOO innocent.. she has the puppy dog eyes DOWN! ;)


  3. Bwahaha!! Don't you love the amount of mischief children (and animals) can get into in just a short amount of time! I am constantly amazed at what my 3 little tornado (boys) can do (OR UNdo) in a matter of minutes. :P


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