Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The First Day of Spring is coming upon us - March 20th. I love Spring and all that it represents.



I feel like this is a time that I might be able to get a FRESH NEW start to my blog. I love writing and find that I miss taking the time to write. With this goal in mind to write more consistently - I am praying as to what the FOCUS of my blog should be or already IS -- it always seems that most blogs that I read have a main focus to their writings: Cooking, Crafting, Kids, Creating, Blessing, etc...or all of the above? And, I am not sure exactly where mine falls? Most of all, I am trying to determine where my heart should be focused on this blog. Fun, Faith, Food, Family??

So, with all the questions pondering in my mind, I need YOUR HELP.

Can you answer a few questions for me? This will help me in directing my vision for this blog. Can you comment with your answers here in this post or on facebook??

Thank you for helping friends! I really appreciate your thoughts.

1. What do you like about Lil Daisies blog?

2. What would you like to read more about on Lil Daisies?

3. What inspires you - encourages you - motivates you when you are reading blogs?

4. Can you describe the Lil Daisies blog?

5. Share your thoughts.


  1. Susie Mimi5:04 PM

    I like hearing about your family and your adventures. I like seeing pictures of your family. I like that you share your faith, God's Word, your struggles (we all have struggles) and how you have/have not over come those. I like your blogs about food, favorite recipes and about decorating, party planning and such. So I like your focus...Fun, Faith, Food, Family.

  2. Anonymous8:51 PM

    I agree with Mimi! I LOVE to hear of your families adventures, the crazy, funny things your girls say and do, the things that in 20 years we may not remember, the day to day "mudane" things that make up your day!
    I also love how honest and real you are and that you share your struggles, knowing that moms/women everywhere can relate!
    ~ tammy


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