Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Redirecting..... Loading....


Do those words sound like computer terms? Well, yes they are....and they were inspiration for the blog title and post when I was "waiting" for a page to load. I saw those words in the tab of my web browser.

Thus, began my brain rolling... I thought....wow.... that really describes my spiritual journey right now.

I have been battling with anxiety attacks lately - and as I have been sifting through the stuff, junk, details, events, etc. of my life right now - I have come to see that there is TOO MUCH ON MY PLATE...if I could use that cliche.

God has been REDIRECTING
my activities to a life of simplicity
from a focus on circumstances toward a focus on Christ
my self esteem - who I am in Christ
surface relationships to deeper, meaningful friendships

God has been LOADING
His Word into my soul - setting my feet to dancing....

It is a process -- and through those really tough times, I am learning more and more to pray through them and redirect my troubles towards the love and peace of God.

However, there is those THREE words that usually come after the word LOADING... and they are not exactly those fun happy words....

Can you guess it?



(and of course, I love this sign that says - "You have to wait for good things")

Ugh.... But, I don't want to wait. Sometimes it seems F-O-R-E-V-E-R .... pleeeeese! Really? I have to wait? Ugh.

Patience is a virtue (yeah, I don't like that saying either)

But, I know that I have to keep going....keep keepin' on... God is working. He is working within my heart and it is a process. Part of downloading all the things He has for me is waiting for the results, the fruit to be evident.

Well, I am not sure if anything I said above makes much sense, but I do hope that it does make sense to someone and that it maybe encourages? or spurs on thoughts? or provokes conversation?

- I just felt a need to share a tidbit of my heart with you.

Is God REDIRECTING areas in your life and LOADING new things within you? WAITING??

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