Friday, January 08, 2010

Throw en' up Compliments

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, more foul than vomit. Unless it’s your kid’s vomit and it’s on you.

Pause for gag reflect.

Well, I have to just give praise and words of affirmation to my husband....


He is the one in our home to hold back our daughter's hair when she is throwing up...change her soiled clothing, put her in the shower, wash her soiled hair, hold the bowl while she is throwing up again, wipe her messy face with a wet warm wash cloth, clean the soiled sheets ....AND on top of that....

put a towel down on a pillow right next to him in bed so that he can be there for her when she does this all over again inside the bowl.

YES, he has done this many times.... YES, he did this just last night.... YES, I am blessed beyond words that my husband is the best Father in my world!

I realize that with being pregnant, my senses are BEYOND sensitive and with the smells and messies of vomit...I can't cope with that. So, having a husband who will step up and fill that typical roll of a Mother is a beautiful thing to me. And, in reality he has done this even when I am not pregnant. He is just a Motherly Father -- if that makes sense?

He is so deserving of fresh brewed coffee and a nap!


  1. Well, he didn't learn that skill from his Dad. His Dad couldn't stand vomit or dirty diapers. He would gag just thinking about them. But I'm sure he learned other "Fatherly skills" from his Dad.

  2. that's awesome!! And I am VERY happy to hear that you are expecting again AND I love your new blog set up!!


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