Thursday, January 14, 2010

A book giveaway...

One of my favorite blogs to read is I Take Joy by author and speaker Sally Clarkson. She is a favorite read of mine... an encouraging, soul seeking, thought provoking blogger that just makes me grasp for a deeper understanding of Christ in my life.
She has an amazing gift of words, the ability to listen to God's heart and purpose then put into words that relate to the current life situations of mothers and women.
I am thrilled to say that she is having a book giveaway. I would love to read her latest book, Dancing with my Father, about "the study of joy and the pondering of what it means to walk with joy every day, every moment, no matter what..."

In Sally Clarkson's own words -- she describes the book:
" is a roadway of finding victory in what could have been a defeated life. God is so good and He has been so faithful. I truly hope that my own journey toward Him, in the midst, might in some way give many of you a some bit of courage, strength, love and joy.

Finally, we are able to offer this book to you, my friends. I pray that if you are struggling with life, disappointed, longing for God in a deep way, that in some small way, this book will be of encouragement to you and that you may make strides, as I have in learning what it means to walk in God's presence and to experience His joy every day."

If you would like a chance to win 2 books, then look over at THIS post on her blog. I warn you that you will be drawn into her beautiful words on her blessed.

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