Thursday, January 28, 2010

Family Night: Ballerinas

This post has been sitting in my draft box for over a year now. I wanted to post it, but computer was not cooperating for me to post a video. I am not Computer savvy enough to figure it all out. But, during the time that I have been planning my speech for a MOPS event about "party planning", I had remembered that I had wrote this and thought I should just go ahead and post it. Hopefully, someday I can update the post to show the video and some other pictures of the ballerinas. But, for now enjoy reading about our Family Night. ~ Bella

Having girls makes for a "Ballerina" themed family night a must in our household. Papa was game too. Though, he did not choose to wear a tu-tu. Though, he was man enough to wear a piece of tulle on his shoulders for a picture at our dinner table. His role for the night was to be the photography man and the prince charming who swoops down and dances with his princess ballerinas!
We have several pictures and video to share with you from our lovely night!


Our Dinner was "Pink"!

Our menu consisited of pink rice casserole, pink salmon, and asparagus with mozerella cheese (to make it look like ballerina leg with ballerina slipper). To drink we had pink cherry soda with cherries!

For Dessert we feasted on Ballerina Bear Cupcakes.


We made Ballerina Dance wands from ribbon and some wooden rings bought on sale from a fabric store.

Then the ballerinas danced!

Grand plié

Afterwards, we played with our spinning ballerinas. This was so much fun! Papa was really good at getting them to spin fast. We ended up having competitions to see who's ballerina would stay up the longest.

We had planned to either watch Angelina Ballerina or play the game Angelina Ballerina, but we got too carried away with dancing and our ballerina dance competition, that it was too late to do the rest of the planned out events.

Nonetheless, at the end of the night it was a pretty in pink, tu-tu delightful evening with three tired out beautiful ballerinas!

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