Wednesday, October 07, 2009

What do you wanna know???

I know it has been quite awhile since I have posted.... I guess I am having a difficulty just beginning to know what to write. I actually have lots of things to share, but I guess the motivation has not been there. I think life has taken a turn for busy here in the Lil' Daisies. I hope to get back into the groove and begin sharing all the adventures that have been going on here. Hopefully I have some faithful readers still wanting to know what's going on?
So...I think I can share some snippets of life at the Lil' Daisies.....some posts to look forward to here at Lil' Daisies are:

I went on my first cruise in September!

HANNAH MONTANA shows up in our backyard

AUTUMN IN AVONLEA -- a gathering to celebrate fall


CRAFTINESS CORNER -- desires of crafty projects foretold

FALL INTO READING LIST -- my list of books!


So, I do have lots to share with you after all!!

However, I am thinking about opening it up to you to ask me questions about me. Anything you want to know??? (I know this goes out on facebook too, so you can ask me there as well) But, ask away....and then maybe I will do a post regarding your questions! OY VEY!

Hope you will keep checking back here?


  1. Well, I'm always reading. You seem to always have great ideas running around in your head and I love the glimpse into your life. Hope everyone is feeling better at your house today.

  2. ok i love the welcome fall tradition and would love to find out where you got the invitations and what little events you do besides watching the movie (which is one of my most favorites). I would really like to plan this for next fall for my "girls".


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