Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Technology can really be a bummer sometimes...

I am having difficulty with my computer and posting pictures. For some reason when I try to upload a picture pictures will not appear for me to choose and upload. Something is not quite right with my Picasa program....and well, I have a lot of pictures that I need to go through and delete too, because apparently Picasa is too full and will not accept anymore photos ( currently stored on my memory card!)

I know I having BIG techinal difficulties --- sigh! I usually like posting pictures with my posts, because I find it more interesting and "colorful" too. But, this post will have to do without I am afraid.

There seems to be a lot going on in our lives and I have been a HUGE slacker when it comes to my blog. I am afraid I am losing my interested readers. I am praying that I will have more energy in my day to be able to start posting more regularly.... HOPEFULLY my pictures will start behaving too!


  1. Laura Don´t worry we are still here ...
    We( My daughter and me)are your fans. BICOS

  2. Thank you Betty (and daughter!) You are really a blessing to me..and inspiration...I think I can still go on knowing that you are out there still reading!


  3. Picasa has been giving me problems lately as well...ugh. For some reason, it is duplicating all my pics again, and again, and again. So, I have 4,5,6,7, copies of one picture. It's really weird, and very annoying as it takes up a ton of memory doing this. I removed Picasa from my system and even re-installed it as I read that could be a solution, and it's still just as bad as ever. Let me know if you find a solution!


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