Sunday, September 20, 2009

Where in the world is Waldo?

Okay, not really Waldo....but, Bella???

Well, it has been extremely busy over in the Lil Daisies nook for the past two weeks: Getting back into school routine, dance, and preparing for a one week cruise with my mom.


So, Actually I am currently at a friend's house catching up on good ol' times --- while my mom is making a GOOEY BUTTER CAKE in her kitchen for us to enjoy in a little bit.....Our cruise leaves tomorrow!

My mom and I flew down a few days ago So. California and visiting with my old college roommate....though, I suppose I shouldn't call her old! She is the same age as me!

We have a wonderful time relaxing....eating....talking....

So, that is where I am in a quick little note. I promise to start writing more diligently once I am back and settled into routine ---and recovering from the cruise! =)

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