Sunday, May 31, 2009

Party Planning: Piggy Food!

When using a theme, I try to coordinate the food towards the theme too. This can be considered a little "overboard" for some people, but I LOVE it. I am just creative like that.

So the food for the piggy party thus far:

Pigs in a blanket (yeah, you might have guessed this one!)

Trader Joes Natural "Cheetos" ( These represent the "curly tails" of a pig)

SLOP -Pudding in clear cups w/ marshmellows, coconut and gummies

Veggie Patch - Turn the vegetable platter into a Vegetable Patch by arranging the cut vegetables in little rows. Add a small metal pail of dip in the corner. - (because piggies like to eat their veggies)

Pink Lemonade (because some pigs are pink!)

Pig Shaped Cake -- OINK! served w/ strawberry ice-cream ( PINK!)

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