Saturday, May 30, 2009

Piggy Party -- The Invitation

The Invitation:

I found the cards (8 pk) in the dollar bin at Michael's Craft Store. I bought two packs. I created the inside of the card on the computer and then printed them. I had some leftover paper to frame each part of the wording ---so there was no cost there.

I already have stamps and most of the invitations I can hand out to friends, so I won't have to mail too many of the invites.

So, the total cost for invites: $2.00 !

I created the wording on the invite. Here is what it says:

This Little Piggy went to a party!
This Little Piggy had some fun!
This Little Piggy ate some slop
This Little Piggy played games
And This Little Piggy cried “woo hoo”
all the way home!

Come be a part of
Lydia's Piggy Birthday Party
Sat. June 13th @ 11:30 AM
The Komarek Pig Pen
It will be HOG wild!

Give an OINK to the HOG Mama:
Please come prepared to get messy!
(bathing suit)

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