Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Oh no!

Funny how words can communicate different things...I take for granted–the idea that a word or phrase means the same thing to me that it does to you. As a result of my last post (My large laundry basket), several people wrote me inquiring that I might be with child... a clarification is in order to all of you. Nope. I am NOT pregnant. Somehow, I miscommunicated that with my words. Ha ha! I can see how you might think that too. I was just saying that maybe someday it(the pak-n-play) might be able to be used for its intended purpose --to hold babies not laundry.

So, for now it holds loads of laundry and we are happily loaded with three beautiful daugthers and not expecting anymore anytime soon. LOL. Phew! Now, I hope I have communicated that correctly!?

When misunderstood, my goal shouldn’t be to prove the misunderstander wrong, but to discover, own, and perhaps clear the confusion I created. - Abraham Piper


  1. Ups!!! Now I Know; My English isn´t good!!! Ha-ha-ha ;-) BICOS

  2. Betty -- You are so sweet...You were not the only one--believe me, I had several inquiries about it. Ha ha!
    And, I think your English is very good! ;-)


  3. So glad that you cleared the air! :) Love you, friend!


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