Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Largest Laundry Basket

...Yep! Here is our huge laundry basket! It holds a lot and you can even wheel it around. Don't you love multi-use gadgets? Ha ha, eventually it might return to a baby bed! (wink, wink)


  1. tammy9:06 PM

    Vadim wants to know if you need some help taking that to the salavation army!! LOL ;)

  2. Woo-hoo!!! You know that my Engish isn´t good and maybe I´m wrong, but... Are you expecting a new baby? Are you pregnant? If I understood well; CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    And of course good luck with your big laundry. BICOS

  3. Susie Mimi2:15 PM

    It was the "wink, wink" that could have given the idea of you possibly being pregnant. LOL Wished I could have helped with emptying it this last weekend. It works great as a laundry basket!


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