Monday, January 12, 2009

Beer Belly

I am awaiting for Ric and myself to figure out my Picasa picture situation. Apparently we have used up our maximum space for pictures. So, I can't put any pictures on my blog until we get that all worked through. Blogger says I have reached my limit. I wish my stomach would do the same to me. I wish it would say: "Bella, you have reached your limit of food consumption for the day." But, it doesn't and so I eat...

Well, not being able to post pictures really is hard on me. It makes me feel naked. What is a blog post without a picture of some sort? So, I hope you will just enjoy words. Words. Just words.

Random Sidenote: Lydia comes into the kitchen while I am writing this and matter of factly states: "I want more beer!"
Of course, I am caught off guard, confused, and stunned at what she just said. "Oh, ha ha ha! Honey, you want more ROOTbeer."
"Yes M-aaahM! I want more Beeer!"

Back to reality of this post:
So, I have begun the ever treacherous trek of "eating healthy"....meaning I am trying to lose my 6 years of baby pudge! Now, it is not really a New Year's Resolution (though, I suppose it could be). I don't want to put it on the list of resolutions, because most of the time it ---okay all the time I never complete my resolutions.
I have actually wanted to join WW (weight watchers) for awhile now, but I wasn't able to because of the moolah issue. But, thankful to Grandma's who hand out Christmas money, I have been able to start.
Why am I letting you know? Because I am hoping that you can at least join me in prayer, motivation, your thoughts, encouragement etc. I don't want your criticism, so leave that at your side of the computer web!
It is week two and for my first week I lost 3lbs. Hoo-rah! So, it is a start. So, I celebrated with eating a piece of cake! Ah, I know. Acutally, it was my friend's birthday and I made a cake and a pie---and of course I HAD to eat it.
Well, thankfully, today is anew and I am not quitting, but trying again.

Okay friends,
Any tips?
What has kept you motivated to keep exercising, eating healthy, etc.

I am off to drink some water, not Beer! Yeah me!

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  1. Good Job! I have been doing Curves. I signed up last June and of course you have to sign a year contract. We with the Holidays and work being super crazy lately I hadn't been able to go since October.

    So I started going again and the first day back I got weighed and measured and low and behold I actually lost a pound. So that was motivation enough for me. So this is week 2. I'm hoping I can lose 30 pounds by June when my contract ends and my treadmill should be functional again.

    Keep me posted. We can do it together!


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