Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On an island

I am currently using a remote computer at the moment. When it rains it pours? Well, my computer is currently under surgery at the Computer Doctor. Fortunately, the Dr. accepts homemade Grape jelly as payment.
The Doc is not allowed to open the jar until the computer is back in my hands....and let's just say the Doc LOVES Grape jelly. :-) So, hopefully this week we will be back up and running.

I have had many people wondering if I had fallen somewhere in a remote island drinking some exotic drink and enjoying the smells of the ocean and the warmth of the sun. I wish.

Actually, the weather has been extremely beautiful here these past few weeks and our family has taken advantage of that about everyday by spending most of our time outdoors. We are loving the beautiful Spring weather in the midst of January.

Sidenote: You can all stand and clap. I have officially lost 9lbs since I started not eating. I have one more pound to shed before I can treat myself to a reward.
Okay, that makes me ponder...do you all have ideas of rewards that would be good for me when I reach specific goals? What would you want as a reward? Do not say Chocolate cake...because that just wouldn't be right.

Alright friends. Just a little chicken (check in) to let you know that I am not on that island, rather I am actually cleaning my house as I await the arrival of my newly fixed computer. I am sure my computer will be happy to come home to a clean house. Me too.


  1. I think you need to treat yourself to a new book or a great movie night out with the girls. Or a pedicure at the beauty college.

  2. Once I reach my goal, I plan on buying myself a Wii Fit. Now, we don't have a Wii, yet, so that may pose a problem, but I think it is a great motivation!


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