Friday, January 09, 2009

A Perfect Post from a Return From the Holidays

Oh my, is it January already?
I have been attempting many times to write a post. I have been trying to put together some thoughts to share --ya know those posts about how our Christmas went, New Year's Eve, and Resolutions list about how I am going to become the perfect Mommy and wife. Well, life is not oozing with exciting tales to share at the moment. Or rather life is not oozing enough time in my day to sit and write.

But, I do hope that I can get the office clean, organize my entire house, lose some weight, have devotions daily, my children would play nice together...

Ooops. That looks like a list. Better add eggs.

How about a Recap of New Years Eve:

Cliff Note version:

  • We had lots of people at our house.
  • We ate lots of food.
  • I drank a couple "drinks"
  • My husband drank more.
  • We played games. I didn't win at any of them.
  • All the kids stayed up until midnight (except Lydia who fell asleep at 11:30 on the couch)
  • We watched the ball drop and tooted horn kazoos outside---We were loud.
  • We watched neighborhood fireworks while we froze tooting our kazoos.
  • We played more games.
  • We went to bed at 12:01. Just kidding....we went to bed at 1:00 something or another...

Recap of Christmas ( Another Cliffnote version)

  • Christmas Eve: All girls, except Rosi, sing in church "Silent Night" ---at the end of the song, Lydia says" testing testing" very loudly into the mic. Practice obviously went well.
  • Mommy sang a solo "O' Holy Night"---when suddenly a beautiful 3 year old ballerina dancer appeared on stage and stole the show with her theatrics.
  • Snow = cute bibs for everyone and funny snow lady with a carrot nose and two eyes made out of rocks.
  • Presents: Lots and lots
  • We ate: Lots and lots
  • Made Christmas cookies
  • Games
  • Wii ---my girls Rock at the Wii. Remember to not box with Sophia.

I would love to share photos with you, but Picasa has decided that I have shared enough. Actually, I have reached my limit----so either I fork out the money to buy more space or I have to wait to figure out what my dear Ric has planned to fix the current situation....


How was that for a bit of randomness back into the blogging business. I hope you will stay with me and share with a few friends. Because I need some more friends. More friends to come visit and read my randomness.

Oh yeah. To add to my list

  • Also I’d like a massage.
  • And someone to cook dinner for me.
  • And some earplugs.
That's all.

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