Sunday, October 12, 2008

Differences Part Deux

So just when you think parenting has gone right it can totally go upside down in a matter of a few minutes.

Friday I went to a parent/teacher conference with Sophia's teacher. Her teacher had nothing but praises to say of Sophia. She is doing well on her math. She got 100% on her Spelling tests. She is in the top reading group. She loves to be a helper and is very huggable and has a sweet demeanor. The only "negative" thing she said of Sophia (which is not really anything to worry about or even really negative at all) is that she is a bit "Chatty". I just really wanted to laughout loud at this little statement (I giggled inside). If y'all know Sophia, she is just this. Chatty. I was amused. I was mostly proud of my girl. She was excelling in her subjects, but more importantly she is respectful and displays good behavior to those around her. She is a light.


We left Sophia's conference and went to pick up Lydia from her preschool.
Lydia was cheerful. I recieved a note in her cubby box. I did not have time to open it up until we got into the car. I then read the note and was appaulled. It was not a note of praises for Lydia.

Dear Mrs.....Lydia Mom, I had to put Lydia in several time outs today because she was kicking and hitting other kids in the classroom and on the playground. I talked to her about her behavior and would like you to talk with her as well.
Thank you, Mrs. Teacher

Ugh! What? How can my parenting skills go from "Proud Mom---You're daughter is excelling beautifully" ... to ..."You better get your rear in gear and start working with #2 now, because she is a bully"?

This is a perfect example of how my mood swing can really swing in a matter of an hour. I was totally distraught...I have a bully kid. What do I do with a bully kid? I really need some parenting help people with this one!
So, yes we have talked with Lydia about her behavior, but really I need to figure out how to help her filter her frustrations and anger, etc.

Anyone else have or had a child with agression issues?


Oh, the differences between the girls.

I am still amazed.

So, beware. If you come to play with my daughters, you are bound to either get hit or hugged.

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