Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Steal me away to Monterey

Ah, that is what we did, indeed! We had a lovely, beautiful weathered, fun-tastic time in Monterey.

Not only did we get spend time with our Auntie Suzy (the best part) and her roommate Miss Sarah, we were able to ponder at sea creatures at the Aquarium, eat sandy PB&J sandwiches at our picnic at Lover's Point beach, and roast marshmellos in the back yard of Auntie Suzy's cute little abode.
And, of course they have cable or dish (whatever they have, it is not your basic two channels like we get) and the girls were able to watch Hannah Montana and Cheetah Girls and some High School Musical type show and boogie down with them. The girls got a hold of Miss Sarah's camera and had a blast taking a ton of pictures. We are looking forward to seeing all the creative pictures they took soon. Lil' Lydia loved to just hang with Miss Sarah in her room. Lydia's new favorite friend.
Rosi was happy to eat everything she could get her tiny little fingers upon...included in her menu was cat food and sand. Delicious.
Sophia writing a letter to her State Representative to help save the sharks!

We had an otterly good time at the Aquarium

Isn't she just so adorable?

Playing in the sand....my girls love the beach!

Wah! Look how tall we are compared to a baby whale.


  1. So glad you guys came. It was a blast!
    I'll send the girls pics soon.
    Love ya!

  2. Monterrey is WONDERFUL! Glad you had fun!


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