Friday, September 19, 2008

My UPS--man is the clear winner today!

This morning my doorbell rings (right after putting Rosi down for a nap). I rush to the door and open to find a nice square brown package and the backside of a FEDX man walking towards his truck. The F-man did not even turn around to acknowledge that I received the package or even to say hello to me. I tried to say Hi and know good neighborly manners, however, he was pushing the pedal to the metal and driving down the block.
Well, no matter. I got a package. How exciting is that? Until I read the name. It is not my name, nor is it my husband or anyone who lives at this address. I notice that the address is not even my address....what? I run towards the street only noticing the tale end of the F-man's truck around the corner. He is gone.
What now? You mean I have to do his job for him? I have to deliver the package to the correct address? The audacity!
Well, I need to keep with good neighborly manners, so I walk down the street two houses down and deliver the package to the correct owner.
On my way back home, I got to thinking about the F-man. He is nothing like my UPS-man. See, everytime my UPS-man delivers me goods, he is friendly. He shows good neighborly manners. I feel like I know about his familiy, his wife and kids, except that I never really asked him about them, nor has he shared. But, he has always been very nice and you just know there is a connection and at least he always acknowledged that I received the package and I am actually standing there.
Thinking more about the situation....
What if that was an important package that was suppose to be sent to me and it was delivered to somebody else who really would not do the good neighborly thing and deliver the package back to me?
UPS-man you rock... F-man...well, you failed miserably...


  1. I love my UPS man too and don't like FdX very much! UPS is the most friendly and nice guy.

  2. Same exact thing happens here. I get lots of UPS stuff for my photog business, almost daily I get packages, and the UPS chick always waits to see that I got the package (if I'm home) and waves and smiles. The F driver here is cranky and always in such a hurry that it's almost as if delivering a package is a burden for her day. And I even did some photog work for her a few years ago and spent several hours working with her and her son so it's not like we've never met. Maybe that Tom Hanks movie Cast Away isn't that far from the truth when it comes to FedEx.


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