Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall Into Reading

It is Fall (hmmm, I LOVE this Season) and time to Fall back into Reading. Katrina from Callapidder Days has kicked off her yearly fun reading plan...and I am on board!

My reading list will consist of four books that I will read on my own and then two books with my daughters. I realized that most of the books I have chosen are timeless classics. So, I am grabbing my cup O' tea, warm blanket, scented candle, and cuddling up to read some fantastic books. Want to join me? Click on the logo above and head on over to Callapidder Days for more info...otherwise just make your list and start reading.

The Hiding Place -- by Corrie Ten Boom
I am half way through with reading this book. This is a riveting story of how a middle-aged Dutch watchmaker became a heroine of the Resistance, a survivor of Hitler's death camps, and one of the most remarkable evangelists of the twentieth century. So far a very empowering read.

In His Steps -- by Charles M. Sheldon
Long before the question "What Would Jesus Do?" there was In His Steps. Deeply shaken by the appearance of a mysterious stranger in town and his impassioned pleas for the poor and downtrodden, the minister and five influential parishoners begin a year-long experience in Christianity. Each has resolved to conduct his life according to the precepts of Christ, applying His behavior to their own lives.

The Mysterious Benedict Society -- by Trenton Lee Stewart
This book was recommended by several blogs that I read frequently. "
The characters were all interesting and deep (as opposed to superficial cliches), and the plot had some clever twists and neat puzzles. It was fun solving those puzzles along with the characters, too. I am looking forward to reading this fun, clever, and witty book.

Mansfield Park -- by Jane Austen
A literary classic! I have watched two versions of this classic tale on DVD and I am looking forward to now reading the story. I have a goal to read all the Jane Austen novels. So, I am doting into this book for this Season.

Books to read with my girls:

Little House in the Big Woods -- By Laura Ingalls Wilder

I have loved these little American classics. Y'all have probably seen the shows on TV, and I loved watching them all.
These books are a very simple look at frontier life through the eyes of a little girl, Laura Ingalls. This book is the first book in the series, of which we plan to read all them together.

A Little Princess (Classic Starts) -- by Frances Hodgson Burnett
This Class Starts series is great. We have read The Secret Garden and my little Sophia followed along wonderfully. They are abridged, but the quality of writing is superb. Perfect for my little girl's comprehension. I think we will watch Shirley Temple version of this story after we read the book.
This is a timeless tale of a poor orphan who has won hearts of children for a century--and continues to be a favorite.


  1. I'm with you regarding reading. I decided recently to start rereading many books that I read a while ago. I just finished Jane Eyre, which I remembered the basic blot, but had forgotten so much of the details. I also reread "In His Steps" a while back. I had received this book from family friends for high school graduation. It made an impact on me then, yet it meant so much more when I read it more recently. Now I'm reading a George MacDonald classic "retold for today's reader".
    Have fun with your reading!

  2. Oh good! I have always wanted to read Jane Eyre...it is a big book, but I want to read it someday....maybe in the winter time! :-)

  3. Great list! I have read The Hiding Place (a couple of times) and In His Steps. Both challenged me beyond words. I want to read Mansfield Park, and I've recently seen The Mysterious Benedict Society in several places. Will look forward to hearing if you like it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

  4. Just dropping by from Callapidder Days to check out your list. I'm reading a devotional by Corrie Ten Boom. What an inspiring woman! You've got a great list. Happy reading! Blessings, Amy in OR


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