Monday, September 15, 2008


Warning: This may be random. Really random. Bare with me if you choose to continue.

Snowball. The title of the entry:
No, not the white fluffly stuff compacted into a nice ball for tossing at your friend....seriously, we have technically 7 days of Summer left....before Fall.

Actually, the title of the post rather represents this point in my journey of life. The Snowball thing after another...and then another...tumbling....compacting....rolling on down...snowball was the only adjective (yes, I am using it as an adjective) to describe life here at Lil' Daisies Abode.

As you may have noticed, it has taken me 7 days to write a post. Some of you have emailed me and wondered where am I? I am still here. Sigh. You can also breathe a sigh of relief too. I have been catching up on trying to maintain my home, ya know bring it back to some sense of order and semblance.

I have actually began writing a few posts then scratched my head, muttered, and then pressed the delete button to erase or I just saved what I thought might be a phenomenal post for a later date. For some reason, I just couldn't get anything out this past week. I think my brain was on overload and really could not compute anything abstract, or rather anything not abstract....

Rosi has been fussy all day. I think my poor little baby might be getting more teeth or just not feeling well. You know as a mother that something is wrong with your baby....the determining part is not so easy. Some people think that just because you are a mother, you should no exactly what is wrong with your baby. Well, no....just like a Doctor doesn't always know what is wrong with the patient....I have to try and figure out with my poking and prodding and try my best to diagnose the problem. Most of all, I just comfort her in my arms and sing sweet lullabys... most of the time.
She is so sweet and cuddly :-)

I have forgotten that I have never really shared with you the end of the potty saga and Lydia. Well, It is not all that interesting except that she is doing SO MUCH BETTER AT USING THE POTTY! We have had one accident of poo poo in the panty (two days ago) within the last two-three months. So, I very happy about that. Chocolate chips (M&Ms) are still a big motivater though. Hey, if it still works...I am still using it. We have toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Sophi wants to be Hanna Montana.
For Halloween that is.
Do you do anything on this day? It is really contraversial in the "Christian" world ....but, I always like to see what others opinions are about it.
I have an opinion. But, I am not going to share it yet.

Loads of dishes, some more laundry to sort, and paperwork to fill out....I am off to get something accomplished in my home.

Just like this post. I accomplished writing something. Even if it is random and not grammatically correct. Thanks for reading thus far and sticking with me!

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