Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Mauna Loa --The Big Laundry Mountain

picture from a virtuous woman

Yea. So, the largest mountain in the world is Mauna Loa. However, the largest pile (mountain) of laundry in the world is the Lil Daisies Mount.


I am proud to say that the laundry mountain is slowly decreasing in size! Hooray!

Here are some tips that my Aunt of profound wisdom (that got the tips from her extremely wise daughter, my cousin) shared with me about some laundry life saver methods.

1.Sorting: I don't sort. Unless, there is something that really needs to be separated from the rest of the group of clothes. So far, I have yet to have pink boxers. The only amount of sorting I do is put all towels together.

2. Do at least one load every day. Wash. Dry. Fold. Put Away.

3. Limit the amount of clothes and towels we have in our home. This has probably been the largest effect for us. Truly, if you don't have a lot, there is not a whole lot ya have to clean! Wow, smart concept! With having girls, this can be a problem. There are TONS of cute clothes for girls...but, I have to resist over doing it. So, I limit the amount of clothes for each child. I have included myself into this category too. I go through the clothes twice a year. Springtime and Fall time. I save some clothes in a bin for the other girls to wear in the future (Reuse)! :-)
For Winter Season: I try to limit the girls to have 3 pairs of pants. 5 shirts. 1 sweatshirt. 2 sweaters. 1 jacket. 3 Dresses.
For Spring/Summer: I try to limit the girls to have 3 pairs of shorts. 5 shirts. 1 light jacket. 2 swimsuits. 5 Dresses.

These are just a few ideas that I am establishing. Do you have any ideas to share with me?
How do you manage your laundry mountain?

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