Sunday, June 01, 2008

A break to bask

I will be taking break from the computer and TV for a week. (I know, I know....I will miss you too!) BUT....
I need this time to really wrap myself into God's love and His Word, my husband, and my children. This will be a time of reflection, cleansing, and heart transformation for me.

Dear God,
I want to bask in You love!
Why do I ever put it off?
When I finally settle down to just be in Your presence,
I feel Your warm smile upon me.
Rescue me, Lord, from this pale, sickly self
and draw me into the light of Your love.

I want to be a person who loves to rest in Your presence
and has a life of love to prove it.

Help me to completely abandon myself to You
and to all the truth You want to shine into my life.

What a cure for the blues!
When I'm tempted to look for love in all the wrong places ----
like other's approval or in the fridge---draw me back to You with the truth.
Today by Your power at work in me, I will lift my face to You.
I will lay my whole life and self before You, and I will bask in the warmth of Your holy, radiant love all day. I choose to worship You today.

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