Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day In My Life

7:30 --We woke up LATE today! Ooops.
7:35 -- Sophia dressed. Myself dressed. Rosie diaper changed. Lydia put on new panties and out of the night night pull-up.
7:45 ---Make Sophie's lunch.
7:55 --- Grab a granola bar for Sophie's on the go breakfast! (I feel so bad that we woke-up late and no time for breakfast!) Out the door to take Sophia to school
8:10 -- Drop Sophia off at school. Lydia and I cruise over to Dutch Bros. to get a coffee (free with coupon) and a Kid's Not So Hot Chocolate ($1.25 in ash-tray change)!
8:30 -- Home to sweep and vacuum floors before our friends come over.
8:45 -- Lydia breakfast (Cereal w/ Rice Milk & OJ). Nurse Rosie. Put on Baby Praise and lay Rosie on mat to play.
9:00 -- Friends come over. (I am watching my friend's kids while she goes to work on a project for her new business!) Take out trash quickly while friend is still here to watch the kids for a few moments.
9:00 -- Empty Dishwasher and wash breakfast dishes. Kids play with Little People stuff.
9:30 -- Rosie Nap, Kids watch Bible Tunes on DVD and play.
9:35 -- Start Laundry. Bring out laundry to be folded into living room.
9:40 -- Clear clutter of off kitchen counters.
10:00 -- Superwhy and snack for the kids. I put our little friend in the high chair and she eats her snack of cheerios and raisins while I clean the kitchen. Here is what I cleaned.
  • All Dishes Cleaned
  • Countertops wiped down
  • Front of microwave, oven, dishwasher wiped down
  • Stove-top cleaned. Washed the burner covers in dishwasher. Started a new load of dishes.
  • Washed cabinet doors.
  • Swept floors
  • Mopped floors.
10:30 -- Kids go outside to play
10:45 -- I go outside with kids and read this book and start planning a food plan menu for Rosie. I hope to start her next month. I making all of my own foods.
11:00 -- Rosie awakes. Nurse.
11:10 --- My friend comes to pick up her kiddos and we talk for a bit
11:30 -- Lydia and I clean-up toys and Little People stuff
11:40 -- Fix Lydia lunch
12:00 -- Change Rosie and check emails
12:10 -- Phone calls
12:40 -- Load up kids in car to go get Sophia from school
12:55 -- Pit Stop to pick up something from Ric's work
1:10 -- Pick up Sophia
1:25 --Home. Lydia wants to take a nap. Put her down in my bed.
1:30 -- Sophia watches a show and eats a snack. I fix myself some lunch. Rosie playing on mat.

I made myself an Egg Salad Sandwich (two hard boiled organic brown eggs diced, mustard, Veganaise, relish, fresh ground pepper) with sprouts on toasted organic whole grain nutty bread. Added some cherries and some "Awake" tea by TAZO.

1:45 Eat my lunch and look at a magazine.
2:00 Nurse Rosie an naptime.
2:30 Sophia homework and I finish my lunch. Check Blogs. Rosie does not want to sleep. Get her up and try to soothe her. (She fell asleep for 10 minutes in the car on the way home and she thinks that was enough. Hmmph!)
2:50 Laundry and try again to put Rosie down for nap
3:40 I am getting tired myself. So, I decide to take a little rest with Lydia.
4:15 I am up with a little bit of rest. Nice. Lydia is awake too. Girls play. I do some more laundry. Girls help too.
5:15 Start Dinner
5:30 Nurse Rosalia
6:00 Dinner Time
6:30 Clean up Dinner dishes
6:45 Girls bath (Rosie plays in bouncer)
7:15 Girls--Jammies, hairbrushed, teeth (Get Rosi ready for bed too!)
7:40 Rosalia to bed. Girls and I put away folded laundry. Quick pick-up
8:00 Papa is home from work and mountain bike ride. He takes shower.
8:10 Papa reads books to girls and put them to bed. I head out to work on a craft at a friends house...complete with her homemade brownies and decaf coffee! Yum.
11:00 Home and bedtime.
1:00 am Rosie awakes. Take her into our room in the co-sleeper and nurse. Then back off to dozing...

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  1. Hi Bella! My name is Betty; Your girls are so so cute!
    Really a mother´s day is a full day, but we have a super-power and our kids are a blessing.
    Your MySpace site and your blog are delicious. Kisses( in Galician language,Bicos)


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