Monday, June 09, 2008

That week, This week...a little bit of this and that

Taking a week off of TV and Computer was a BLESSING. I was able to get a lot accomplished. HOO-RAH! I could write a long list of my week, but maybe I will scatter in a few things here and there over the few weeks.

This week is busy for me too. I almost thought it would be nice to take off another week. But, I have so much to share with y'all too. Lots of fun and crazy stories from my week off.

This week:

  • Getting ready for Lydia's party. She is having an Ariel Under the Sea party. She will be three. I have mostly everything, I just need to get it altogether.
  • Work on Summer Activity Jar. I will explain more in another post.
  • Plan Friday Family Nights (yet, another post)
  • Clean, clean, clean for company arriving on weekend for the birthday party.
  • Plan out Summer schedule

Okay, the bummer of the week though? Our camera bit the dust after 6 years of love and I haven't been able to capture many grand moments, so hopefully someday when we get another camera, I will be able to place some snapshots up of our lives.

Until next time....

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